Adoption Requirements



  1. A complete application form with verifiable references, including the adoptive family’s veterinarian as well as personal references. Applications usually take 7-10 days to process. Please make sure your references are aware that they will be contacted to avoid unnecessary delays.
  2. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and demonstrate adequate financial stability in order to maintain the Bloodhound according to these requirements.
  3. The adoptive family must provide a substantial fenced in area for the bloodhound and an adequate amount of daily exercise.  Photos of the adoptive family’s secure and completely fenced-in yard are required with the application. Occasional exceptions are made for families who adopt older, indoor-only pets. However, dogs under the age of 4 will not be adopted into homes without a securely fenced yard.
    • No bloodhound will be staked out on a cable, rope, chain or other means of restraint.
    • The hound cannot be allowed to run free with no barriers. A loose bloodhound is a GONE bloodhound. Underground electric fencing systems DO NOT WORK with Bloodhounds and are not acceptable as a barrier – no exceptions. 
  4. Regular veterinarian care must be provided to the bloodhound.  This includes, but is limited to, yearly heartworm testing, monthly heartworm preventative, monthly flea and tick treatment, yearly vaccinations (shots) including those recommended by the American Board of Veterinarian Medicine. Rabies vaccinations must be given in compliance with local and state laws.
  5. New owners will provide indoor housing for the Bloodhound. In some cases there will be Bloodhound that does not want to be in a home. In those special cases, the dog can be left outside with adequate shelter from the elements that includes an insulated dog house, shaded areas and sun areas for the dog to relax and live in.
  6. Owners must provide nutritious food, clean water and other items to maintain the nutritional and mental health of the bloodhound.
  7. A signed adoption agreement and fee must be completed prior to taking the dog from its foster home.
  8. All adoptions are subject to unannounced home visits to ensure that the Bloodhound is being adequately cared for.
  9. Southeast Bloodhound Rescue must be notified in the event of the bloodhound’s death (including cause of death) and also if the bloodhound escapes its adoptive family.
  10. Southeast Bloodhound Rescue must be notified of any change of address or telephone number of the adoptive family during the time the adoptive family has possession of a bloodhound adopted from Southeast Bloodhound Rescue.

Southeast Bloodhound Rescue reserves the right to reject any application.  Southeast Bloodhound Rescue is not responsible for any actions, damages or liability on the part of the Bloodhound once the adoptive family takes possession of the dog.